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About Us

Why Mr. Clean Car Wash

Mr. Clean Car Wash gives you the brightest shine and the best experience possible. Our friendly and experienced team guarantees your satisfaction. The detailing staff does their best to give your car a showroom shine, while you wait in the comfortable café, enjoying variety of food and beverages.

Mr. Clean Car Wash’s few facts - guaranteed satisfaction

"We make it Sparkle"

Why Trust Us

Mr. Clean Car Wash is committed to quality and 100% satisfaction. Bringing the time and cost saving solutions to make the wash experience worthwhile.
Satisfying Results

We focus on crucial areas of your car for clean and consistent results.
1. Spectacular hood and body shine
2. Spotless dashboards and consoles
3. Bright, shiny wheels and tires
4. Sparkling clear windows
5. Fragrance, De-Bacterizing
6. Vacuumed carpets
7. Oil Change


Mr. Clean Car Wash team has years of trusted car care experience, All the staff is professionally trained for the care of your car.
At Mr. Clean Car Wash, we say” We make it Sparkle”

Mr. C Café

While your car is in our caring hands, you can relax in an inviting and uplifting lounge with coffee and TV. You’re only moment’s away 
from the feeling that comes with a shiny, clean car.